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10 Stereotypes About Style That Aren’t Always True

10 Stereotypes About Style That Aren’t Always True

10 Stereotypes About Style That Aren’t Always True

We all want to follow the latest trends, and we always want to be in style. By looking your best every day, you will not only turn heads, but you will also feel better and be more confident. When we try to follow some of the trends, we may confuse, and we may think we are doing things wrong. In reality, there are some stereotypes about the style that is not always true. Now let’s talk about some of them.  

1. You have to be of a certain body type of things to look good on you

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This is the biggest fashion myth and stereotype! We have to be tall, skinny, with nice, rounded bottoms to pull something off. The reality is, that anything can look good on you! Don’t steer away from that crop top just because you are plus size, and don’t shy away from trying new things. If it doesn’t look good on you, in most cases, it is because it’s the wrong fit!

2. If you are skinny, large prints won’t look good

That is not true. Whether you are a smaller or larger size, you don’t have to look for prints based on your figure. If the print is good, it is going to look good on your body. If it is a bad print, you can be a model, and it still won’t work for you.

3. You have to wear a statement piece

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The statement piece depends on you and your style only. You can choose to wear a statement necklace or a nice belt, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

4. Body-hugging outfits are a must

We always want to make ourselves look skinnier, and we want to accentuate our waist. However, you don’t have to wear body-hugging outfits if you don’t want to. You can easily achieve that with different patterns or choose cropped tops or jackets to do that.

5. You should always follow trends

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This is another style myth – that if you want to look good, you have to follow the latest trends. If you don’t like what the current fashion is offering, you don’t have to purchase those items. Find something you are comfortable with!

6. You must choose classics

On the same note, if you don’t want to invest in classics only, you don’t have to! You are free to change your wardrobe every season, and you can follow the latest trends. Once again, make sure you choose something fit for your body type and pieces you personally like.

7. You should never show too much skin

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One stereotype we’ve heard repeatedly is that you can either show off your cleavage or your legs. Never both. However, if you follow the celebrity trends, you will see that you can show as little or as much skin as you want and still look classy and elegant. Choose pieces that you feel comfortable with.

8. Heels mean class

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We are taught that we need to wear kids if we want to have that lux style. However, heels are not mandatory for every occasion, and you can easily keep that great posture by wearing flats.

9. You should never wear horizontal stripes

This is a stereotype we’ve heard too many times – plus-sized girls will look worse if they wear horizontal stripes. We’ve also heard that this pattern will make us look bigger. This is the biggest myth ever, and you can easily look slim and sleek when you choose it.

10. You can never mix prints

jason yoder Y9rojkkgJyo unsplash

The last thing we are going to talk about is patterns. Even though it is partially true that you cannot mix all patterns, it does not mean that you cannot combine them. Choose mismatched prints, and have one be bigger than the other. Or combine floral print with stripes for a classic success.

Do you agree with these myths and stereotypes? What was something you thought you have to follow? Remember that it is more about what you want and not what others are saying you should do. Stay trendy, classy, and elegant!

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