A new era? Harry Styles Gucci man-bag could be a game changer.

A Bag is the most necessary accessory a woman can have in her closet and has been stereotypically linked to feminine fashion choices. Although bags for men are not a strange item to find in the market, as many big names have been seen sporting the accessory, such as A$AP Rocky, Elton John, and Marc Jacobs. Manbags are still considered the trickiest item Gucci is trying to normalise in the market. But this is about to change with Harrys Styles, as the singer has been recently seen showcasing his latest collaboration with Gucci and the introduction to Manbags!

Harry Styles and James Corden star in Gucci’s Beloved Campaign /  Harmony Korine

This is just one of several collaborations between Styles and Gucci. The Grammy winner announced his first collaboration with the luxury brand in 2018, where he starred in Gucci’s Men Tailoring Campaign ad. The duo has since worked on multiple campaigns, including exclusive merchandise for Styles latest album which got sold out in a matter of hours. Since rocking the Vogue cover in a frothy Victoriana dress, Harry Styles is coming to break even more gender norms. The latest partnership comes as no surprise, as the 27-year-old, who has been an ambassador for the Brand since 2019 and has the nick name “The Prince of Prints”, has been labelled as quite controversial with his fashion choices by challenging gender stereotypes. Styles will star in Gucci’s upcoming #GucciBeloved campaign for its beloved line of handbags, which also includes the GG Marmont, Dionysus, Horsebit 1955 and Jackie 1961. The Jackie Gucci bag, which Harry Styles is seen accessorizing with, is named and inspired by the former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy. The sleek style of the bag was a big trend in the fifties and was a much beloved piece of accessory to the First Lady. It has since been reissued by the fashions House creator, Alessandro Michele, who also designed the controversial dress Styles wore on the front cover of Vogue back in November 2020. The Gucci creative Director has been spotlighting its beloved line of classic handbags by republished them in celebration of the designer brand’s centennial birthday. The Manbag has become a house hold name and beloved piece of collection to have. It illustrates the sophistication, class and timelessness of its era while giving it a modern, gender neutral, touch. The bag goes for £1,175 dollars and it’s easy to say that it will never go out of style. Along with the “Watermelon Sugar” hit maker, many other celebrity Gucci ambassadors, such as Dakota Johnson, Serena Williams, Diane Keaton, Sienna Miller and Awkwafina will be modelling the classic bags, on a special ‘Gucci’s Beloved Campaign’ hosted by the one and only James Corden.

The full campaign will launch on April 22nd .

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