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COVID-19 Haute Couture Design Trends

COVID-19 Haute Couture Design Trends

COVID-19 Haute Couture Design Trends

The last year has been all about COVID-19, and as people, we learn to adapt and survive. The pandemic affected everything, starting from our lifestyles to fashion, culture, and even home décor. Haute couture pandemic trends continue to dominate, and here we will review some of the most noticeable ones.


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, wearing face masks has become mandatory in most countries worldwide. The fashion industry noticed this, and many high couture brands started producing their own masks that keep their customers safe while giving them that lux look.

One of the first brands that started producing luxury masks was the New York-based label La Ligne, founded by former Vogue editors Valerie Macaulay, Meredith Melling, and Molly Howard.

Burrbery Mask

Nowadays, high-end brands including Fendi, Balenciaga, Burberry, Dior, and Chanel have their own lines, and some of them even turned their factories into mask-masking facilities for healthcare professionals.

Celebrities have been advocating for the general public to embrace the new health and fashion trend, and some of them have even started their own masks brands. Kim Kardashian introduced her line of SKIMS seamless face masks. Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Wilde, and Kourtney Kardashian support the #Masks4All movement, and more and more celebrities are becoming a part of it.


sidekix media OMm4EMA2Vbs unsplash

Literature and books are becoming an important part of every Zoom meeting, and bookshelves are coming to attention. Immaculate bookshelves are becoming a must in every household, and if you want to show off your taste and class, you should explore your options.

Designer bookshelves are a must-have, and brands including Smania, Epioca, and Selva have created some stunning pieces that are handmade with materials like Macassar ebony, sycamore wood, and fine glass.

These pieces are beautifully accented with sycamore inlay, high-quality mirrored glass panels, and they will bring a sense of light and space to any design you choose for your home office.

collov home design EIFfvO6MO5w unsplash

The bookshelves are perfect for creating a gallery-like display of your favourite books and finest home accessories. Complement them with your preferred literature pieces and be prepared for any meeting.

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Home décor

claire rendall b6kAwr1i0Iw unsplash

The pandemic is already shaping most of the things in our lives, and it has a large influence on the way we decorate our homes. We are changing our houses into more adaptable living spaces, and some trends are becoming a recognizable part of today’s interior design choices.

Some of the new trends include levelled up lighting, enveloping furnishing, and nature-inspired tones. We’ve spent most of the part of the past year indoors, and we became aware of the light in our space, or better said, the lack of it. With an influx of technologies promising to mimic natural light, enhance mood, sleep, and productivity, and adjust to any environment, people are embracing lighting as an essential factor of well-being.

visualsofdana T5pL6ciEn I unsplash

High couture interior designers are choosing warm and nature-inspired colours that bring us comfort and reassurance. The palettes of organic, natural tones have a nourishing effect, and the focus is on nuances of greens, blues, and earthy pigments such as terra-cotta.

Every industry will continue being affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and we are yet to see the advancements in technology, fashion, and culture.

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