Dos and Don’ts when Choosing the Wedding Cake

Planning the wedding cake feels like one of the biggest tasks you have around your wedding, which is the event’s centrepiece. Ordering it is another obstacle that you will have to pass, and chances are it will be the biggest and the best cake you’ve ever ordered. No matter if you have been obsessing about this dessert or if you plan on thinking about it when the time comes, the sooner you have an idea of what you want, the better. Check out our list of dos and don’ts to make this process a lot easier, so you can focus on other details around your wedding.



Order on time

Ordering on time is crucial because you want to have many options when it comes to bakeries. Know that the best bakeries and the best cake makers may be booked months in advance, so it is a good idea to tackle this task on time. Do your research, call the bakeries you are considering, and see if they can get it done on time.

Think about the height


We all want the biggest and the highest cake anyone has ever seen, but this will not work unless it can get into the room. Ordering a larger cake than the door will fail, so choose the cake after choosing the venue.

Plan on where you are going to put the cake

The cake needs to be in the spotlight, so try to have a separate area or a table where you will put it. Know that you should keep it in the fridge until the time comes, so talk to the people in the venue about where they will store it. Planning this on the spot is a no-no.

Think about the cutting time


Many couples forget to plan on the cake cutting and the eating. Make sure your guests know when this part of the wedding will happen and plan accordingly. Remember that you will need to eat some of the cake as well, and leaving it for the next day or just putting it in the freezer will ruin your taste.



Don’t choose it before you choose the theme

You cannot choose the theme around your cake, but you can definitely do it the other way around. So, no matter what you want to get, or if you have a great idea on your mind, try to postpone ordering the cake until you have a theme on your mind. That way, you can incorporate the colours and the style of the wedding in the desert.

Don’t choose the flavor based on the guests


Everyone has an opinion on what you should do, how you should do it, and why. This is going to happen with everything around the wedding, but you should stand your ground. Choose the colours and the flavour based on what you and your partner want, and remember that this is your big day.

Don’t forget to think about the weather

We all have some ideas on how we want the cake to look and what we want it to be made of. However, the weather will not listen to us, and it can ruin the dessert. If you have an outdoor wedding in the warm season, steer away from buttercream and whipped cream because they will melt. Talk to the baker about the best options depending on the season.

Don’t DIY


This is the most important dessert of your life, so steer away from making the cake yourself. No matter how good you think you are, a professional baker is better. So, trust them, trust the process, and have a budget. You will need to sacrifice flavour for style in some cases, but if you want your cake to look over the top and leave everyone in awe, you should do it.

Remember that this is your big day, so don’t try to please everyone, make choices based on what you and your partner want, and order on time!

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