High Couture Street Style

Even though most of the fashion shows this year are going to be digitalized, it does not mean that fashion trends are ceasing to exist. As we continue social distancing, photoshoots are getting more creative and high street fashion is continue to rise.

Some of the latest fashion trends include oversized jackets, monochromatic outfits, bright accessories, and luxury bags. In the newest movements, we see a rise of clothing with pockets that dominate the high couture. Influenced by the pandemic and our need to have hand sanitizers with us all the time, pockets are getting bigger and better than ever before. Masks are another thing that is becoming an influence in the designs, and more and more brands are including them in their newest collections.

Style du Monde’s Acielle, snapped some photos of celebrities and models in-between their social distancing photoshoots, right before some of the biggest fashion weeks scheduled for February. Models including Adwoa Aboah, Cara Delevingne, and Naomi Campbell were spotted in Paris, and they present the lux brands and fashion movements for the Spring/Summer 2021 collections.

Check out some of the leading fashion trends for the next season, and have a sneak peek into what the biggest brands are offering this year.

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