Luxury Tech Devices you need in your Life

As technology advances, so do our needs, and every year we learn about new gadgets and devices that could make our lives easier and better. In the past decade, so many things changed, starting from smartphones, up to smartwatches, and even smart homes. All of these things help us lead better, safer, and more comfortable lives. This year things have advanced even further, so check out our list of lux tech devices that you absolutely need in your smart home.

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition Clear TV

If you are looking for the next level TV, then this is what you have been asking for. This edge to edge display TV makes the images look like they are floating up in the air. In addition to it, when you turn it off, the TV will just look like a dramatic transparent glass piece of artwork. When it comes to specs, the device has a 55-inch OLED screen and it offers an infinite dynamic contrast ratio and 93% color spectrum support. It is only 5.7 millimeters thick, and it has 10-bit panel displays, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and a one-millisecond response time. It doesn’t get more lux than this!

Garmin Smartwatch

Garmin Marq Collection/Garmin

Garmin is one of the most luxurious smartwatch brands, and it offers way more than just the traditional features. The Marq™ line that was launched last year includes five different models that you can choose from. They are made with a ceramic watch bezel, and they offer anything you could want in a watch and more. Some of the best features include PulseOx SpO2 measurement, Garmin Contactless Pay, Global database of ski resort runs/maps, Garmin ELEVATE optical HR sensor, and even a database for all the golf courses in the world.

Porsche 911 SoundBar Limited Edition Speaker


This Porche 911 speaker will provide a sound experience like nothing else on the market. It comes in a classy matte and glossy black silhouette with an undistorted sound. The device is wireless, and it offers a loss-free audio technology that delivers impeccable audio quality at just 200 watts of power. It is one of the most luxurious home items you could invest in, and no matter if you want to throw a party in your home, or if you want to enjoy your favorite movies, or tracks, with this speaker, you can do it all.

Üllo Chill Wine Purifier

Üllo Chill

Nothing says classy life better than a nice glass of prime wine, but sometimes preserving the wine can be a bit of a hard task. With this wine purifier, you will never have an issue again, and it is made for those who want to preserve and purify their bottle or glass before drinking. With this device, you will not only be able to remove the sulfate, but it will also get the beverage to the perfect temperature. It has a classy and sleek design, and it can be used for both purifying a whole bottle or just one glass.

SmartDesk by Cemtrex


The last gadget on our list is the ideal item for those who work long hours and who want to be able to do all the things from just one station. It is fully optimized as a smart device, and this workstation can be controlled by using the touchscreen, by adding keywords or even hand gestures. With it, you will get three 24-inch IPS screens, built-in headphones, and a wireless charger. It is the best device for those who want an organized work station, and for those who are looking for a classy, lux smart desk.

These devices will provide the best user experience, and with them, you will be able to improve the quality of your life. The luxury gadgets will help you set a whole new level of expectation, and they are all made to last. Any one of them is flawlessly designed, and integrate cutting edge astonishing technology. Be part of the future by letting yourself enjoy the current technological advancements.

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