Most Luxurious Dishes in the World

Traveling around the world means experiencing different cultures, ideas, and of course, cuisines. It is said that if you don’t try traditional dishes in the places you visit, you will be missing out a lot, and the main idea of exploring new places is to try everything and do new things. If you are the type of person who’s all up for an adventure, and if you want to experience the luxury lifestyle to the maximum, you’ve come to the right place. Here we are going to tell you more about some of the most expensive dishes around the world, and why they are so famous.

Grand Velas Tacos

Credit: Grand Velas Los Cabos/Forbes Travel Guide

This is probably the most expensive meal you could ever have, and it comes for about 25 thousand dollars. The reason why this dish is so expensive is because it features Kobe Beef, Almas Beluga Caviar & Black Truffle Brie Cheese. The corn tortilla is infused with gold flakes and it is served with exotic salsa made with Morita chili peppers. With this meal, you will get Ley.925 ultra-premium añejo tequila and as a topping dish, it is served with civet coffee beans.

This meal is available in Mexico at the new Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort’s Frida restaurant

Louis XIII Pizza

Credits: luxhabitat/Twitter

The original Louis XIII pizza was created by Renato Viola, and it was served for a maxiumum of two people. The size of the original meal was about 20 centimeters, and the dough had to rest and rise for 3 days before the pizza was made.

The main ingredients of this masterpiece include 3 types of caviar – Oscietra Royal Prestige, Kaspia Oscietra Royal Classic from the Iranian coast, and Kaspia Beluga. In addition, there are seven types of cheese and Norwegian type of prime lobster specially delivered for this dish.

This meal is available in Salerno, Italy, and it costs 12 thousand US dollars.

Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

Credits: luxhabitat/pcma

The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence is known for being the most expensive dessert in the world, and it is prepared only at a special request of the customers. The reason why this dish is on this list is that everything is handcrafted, including the Stilt Fisherman made of chocolate.

The desserts consist of Italian cassata along with Baileys Irish Cream. It is served along with pomegranate and mango compote with Champagne sabayon. To make the whole meal even more luxurious, it features 80-carat aquamarine stone, placed on the fisherman’s stone.

This meal costs just above 14 thousand dollars, and you can try it in the Fortress Resort and Spa in Galle, Sri Lanka.

Beluga’s Almas Caviar

Credits: luxhabitat

This meal is available only in Beluga, Dubai, and 250 grams of this dish will cost you just south of 10 thousand dollars. The Almas Caviar is said to be one of the best, rarest, and most expensive caviars in the world. Know that when you order this meal, you will get a 24-karat Golden Cigar to complement the experience.

Fleurburger 5000

Credits: luxhabitat/The Daily meal

The last meal on our list is the world’s most expensive burger. The reason for this is that it features Wagyu beef, and as toppings, you will get foie gras and truffles. In addition, you will get prime foie gras and duck fat in a freshly baked brioche bun. Alongside this meal, every customer that orders it will be served with a bottle of 1995 Petrus.

The dish is served in Fleur by Hubert Keller in Las Vegas, and it costs 5000 dollars.

It is said that these are not only some of the most luxurious dishes in the world, but they are also some of the tastiest ones. These delicacies come with a price, but they will also bring experience that you will never forget.

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