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Naomi Osaka’s Gold Medal Braids

Naomi Osaka’s Gold Medal Braids

Naomi Osaka’s Gold Medal Braids
Naomi Osaka’s Gold Medal Braids
Naomi Osaka’s Gold Medal Braids – 5 Star Luxury Life & Boutique

Naomi Osaka’s Gold Medal Braids: The Olympic Games have finally begun, after being delayed by 1 year due to the Coronavirus outburst. The opening show was filled with extraordinary acts, choreographies, and brilliant visuals making it an unforgettable opening show.

There was one moment that stood out and became an internet sensation, and that was the amazing hairstyle by Naomi Osaka. The tennis champion was given one of the greatest honours to light the cauldron using the Olympic torch. It’s an activity that signifies the beginning of the games and the start of another Olympic marathon.

The star athlete, who is also amongst this year’s favourites for winning a gold medal, showcased her latest look of fiery red and white box braids matching the massive Olympic flame and combined it with a bright red lipstick that made the look even more iconic. but it could also be seen as a tribute to the colours of her own home country and host of the current Olympics, Japan.

The tennis star took to Instagram to share her excitant for the great honour; she stated, “Undoubtedly the greatest athletic achievement and honour I will ever have in my life”, she continued her emotional post by adding, “I have no words to describe the feelings I have right now, but I do know I am currently filled with gratefulness and thankfulness. Love you guys thank you.”

The mind behind Osaka’s long scarlet box braids is the very talented and famous hairstylist Martin-Christopher Harper who has been the tennis stars stylist for a long time and was also behind Osaka’s ‘pandemic pink’ hairstyle earlier this year.

Martin revealed that the Olympic look was created stateside and during the early hours of the morning before Osaka left to travel to Japan to compete in the Olympic Games. The stylist used a big scrunchie to create the high pony tales for the ceremony and left two face-framing tendrils, giving it a brave and fighter look.

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The iconic braids are mesmerising to watch from every angle. Following Osaka’s two winning matches, the braids stole the show as they swang and swayed from every side, creating an ombre red crown behind the iconic champion. The braids were also colour-coordinated with Osaka’s outfits, sweatbands and rackets.

 Osaka spoke about her first time competing at the Olympic games; she said, “ It’s going to be very special. I think there’s no other place that I’d rather play my first Olympics.” She added, “ I think that will be one of the most memorable things that ever happen to me.”

The iconic hairstyle has already taken the internet by storm, trending number 1 on Twitter and even celebrities commenting on the colourful hair-do. The braids deserve a spot on the most iconic Olympic style choices in the Olympic Games history.

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