ANNA BECK Double Cushion Drop Hypersthene Earrings – Gold




Introducing the Double Cushion Drop Hypersthene earrings in gold by beloved jewellery brand Anna Beck. These dropper style earrings are crafted from 18ct gold plated 925 sterling silver with rich hypersthene gemstones on each. This gorgeous pair also feature the brand’s signature dotting detail- each dot is fused one by one, handmade by local Balinese artisans and infuse the design with love and intention. Key features include: Dropper style earrings with hypersthene gemstones Hypersthene represens self love, independence and is said to calm the mind Hand dotted detailing Handmade in Bali 18k gold plated over sterling silver Earring length: 1.5″ The Double Cushion Drop Hypersthene earrings are the perfect compliementary piece to any outfit. Anna Beck styles are super versatile- looking stunning alone but look even better when layered together. Complement these earrings by teaming with a Mercy Delta dress and other pieces from the Anna Beck collection for a chic Autumn/Winter dinner/drinks look.


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