Decathlon Evadict Mt Cushion 2 Trail Running Shoes

Cushioning:A 100% Kalensole sole for plenty of soft and comfortable cushioning.Traction:The 5 mm lugs are sufficiently spaced to provide sound and effective grip.Fitting comfort:The insole and foam are a real cocoon for your feet.Durability:100% MATRYX toebox for unparalleled solidity and durability.Lightweight:A solid, durable and comfortable shoe – only 255 g in size 5.5.Energy return:Improve acceleration with the energy response of the Kalensole foam.Grip:The rubber of the sole provides grip on every type of terrain.Ecodesign:12% less CO2 impact thanks to recycled materials and lighter components MT CUSHION, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?: MT, two letters that refer to the mountains, so close to the heart of every trail runner. Shoes for the mountains, but not just for the mountains! they are suitable for all terrains, from rock to dry paths to muddy trails. “It’s as if you’re running on a light, soft and flexible cushion. The MT CUSHION 2 is a shoe that protects and supports”, enthuses Thierry, our Product Manager. Greater cushioning for pleasant and comfortable running, to boost both pleasure and performance! THE ICONIC MT CUSHION HAS HAD A MAKEOVER WITH THIS NEW VERSION 2!: The area for improvement you flagged up have allowed us to challenge ourselves and make progress in the design of this second version of the MT CUSHION. We couldn’t be prouder of the results. What’s new? – a new design of lugs for reliable and durable grip, – a reworked insole for even softer cushioning, – and a new 100% MATRYX® fabric (woven in Ardèche, France) toebox for optimal durability. KALENSOLE TECHNOLOGY FOR EVERN SOFTER CUSHIONING!: Impressive, no? The least we can say is that the MT CUSHION 2 has hit the ground running (I’ll get my coat). The 100% KALENSOLE midsole improves cushioning by 18% compared with the previous model, with energy return of 57%. Not bad, eh?The durable foam will not collapse and ensures soft and comfortable cushioning, ideal for eating up the miles. MATRYX®, THE LAST WORD IN QUALITY OFFERING GREAT DURABILITY: Our team designed the MT CUSHION 2 with a toebox made from 100% MATRYX® fabric, a benchmark in the trail running world. Composed of high-tenacity polyester thread coated with polyurethane, it provides unequalled durability. The ventilated structure offers lower weight and greater breathability. We chose to add an aramid fibre yarn to the weave for even more support. Thanks to MATRYX®, you no longer have to choose between lightweight and durable! MT CUSHION 2, A 4 MM DROP: The drop is the height difference between the front and back of the shoe: 4 mm for MT CUSHION 2, making it a low-drop shoe. With a 22 mm KALENSOLE foam height at the heel and 18mm under the forefoot, we have been able to add extra cushioning and comfort to this more sensitive area of the foot. This also helps insulate the foot against rough terrain. TRUST IN YOUR SUPPORTS!: We decided to fit 5 mm lugs under the entire sole: the traction is perfect and the shoe isn’t weighed down or stiffened by their weight. In addition, we sufficiently spaced out the lugs to make it easier to remove any dirt that might get stuck between them. The rubber on the sole was carefully chosen to enable excellent grip on wet stones or rocks. So you can run in total safety. GREATER HEAL SUPPORT FOLLOWING CUSTOMER REVIEWS!: While the MT CUSHION 2 is synonymous with comfort, it also scores heavily when it comes to support. And that’s no surprise. In addition to giving us food for thought, your feedback certainly didn’t fall on deaf ears in our team: thanks to our teams and thanks to you, we redesigned the collar of the MT CUSHION 2 for optimal foot support and a bit of pampering… while respecting and preserving the comfort of your heel and Achilles tendon. AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY SHOE DESIGNED WITH LOVE: “Lighter products mean a smaller CO2 impact. Therefore, by reducing the number of components, streamlining the shoe and selecting an ultra-durable and lightweight shoe like the MATRYX®, we can achieve CO2 savings that are 15.5% greater for men and 12% for women compared with the previous version. In addition, the laces are recycled and the reinforcements, tongue mesh and lining of the sockliner are designed from recycled polyester”, explains our product engineer, Manon. THE TIP THAT YOU’LL ENJOY: You may have already noticed, without it really sinking in. We are referring here to the small pocket at the top of the tongue of your shoe, the one on which you will make a loop with your laces. The pocket in question is for storing your laces so that they don’t come loose during physical activities, get caught in a branch, or something else. What’s more, they stay clean, and we love that!

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