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An Instagram profile you’ve all heard about – Rich Kids of Instagram, and this account was created back in 2012. James Ison was only 19 years old when he created this profile, and no one believed it would become one of the most recognized pages in the world. It created a movement worldwide, and soon after gaining its fame, accounts with similar names started popping up in almost every country. Now, almost a decade later, it has almost 400 thousand followers, and you can find it with the @rkoi handle.

Credit: @RKOI

Fashion Trends

Even though it is one of the most popular Instagram accounts, you cannot see too many posts on this page. Right now, it has less than 700 posts, and rumours are that some of the people featured on it have paid more than 2,000 dollars to have their pictures shared on it.

One theme we can notice on these posts, except for the high-end luxury life, is amazing fashion. These posts have inspired people all around the world, and they have set some great trends.

Pieces like Bottega Veneta’s clutch bag have been featured, along with sleek dresses and beautiful high heels. Other items that can be noticed on this page include Bienen-Davis’s black Box cross-body bag and Bottega Veneta’s maxi dress.

You can also see many Louis Vuitton bags and items in all the different colours that make us realize we don’t need to play it safe. Pops of colour, bright dresses, and comfy sweaters have been a constant theme on this account, so if you are interested in following the fashion trends, one thing is for sure – you are free to play around with shapes, sizes, and colours.

Men’s Fashion

The Rich Kids of Instagram account features a lot of amazing men’s fashion, and they could give you an idea of what you should buy for yourself or your partner if you want to lead that lux lifestyle.

Guys are usually featured wearing comfortable clothes, including jeans and one-coloured long-sleeved shirts, but we can always notice the accessories. Expensive watches are almost always part of the images, and brands including Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille can be noticed on the wrists of these guys.

Credit: @RKOI

We can learn several things from this profile, and the most important thing is that we need to follow our style. All the people we can see have different personalities captured by the outfits they choose and the trends they follow.

It is said that this trend and this account are going to continue to grow, and there are rumours that Netflix is going to produce series based on the Rich Kids of Instagram. The show has been delayed because of the pandemic, but we expect to hear more details about it soon.

Credit: RKOI

James Ison’s founder managed to make his own fortune from this account, so if you have an idea or a dream, you should follow it! No matter what you think about these kids, they are definitely setting some neat trends, and we cannot wait to see more of them!

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