Sex and the City Reboot’s fashion moments so far.

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The Sex and the City reboot has officially begun filming! Our favourite ladies are coming back to our screens and into our hearts in full force. Fans and fashion enthusiasts from all around the world cannot wait to see the new journeys their favourite characters have in store and, most importantly, what they will be wearing.

Featuring the characters in the new film and their new outfits! In the photo, we see Miranda sporting a silver-grey hairdo with fans praising the actress for embracing her age as Charlotte keeps her very Charlotte look in her “traditional” blouse, pencil skirt, and micro handbag. Of course, the big question is whether Carrie will be her old stylish self or rock a new fashion sense in this sequel.  

Sex and the City Reboot’s fashion moments so far.
Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

All good questions as all fashions fans anticipate the stars rocking new stylish attire. The hype surrounding the publicized photo and all the other snapshots from random people posted online taken on the set is a testament to the original show’s cultural impact.

The show radically changed the conversation about female sexuality, friendships, and womanhood. Just as important is fashion, which is a well-known fact that the Sex and the City series has served as the main source of influence for many styles throughout the years and have created some timeless iconic looks and has redefined the kind of role that fashion can play in a TV series and influence how we dress.

Sex and the City Reboot’s fashion moments so far.

In honour of the reboot of one of fashion’s biggest shows, let’s have a look at the styles that have been seen being worn by the stars onset of the big reboot so far.

At first glance of the outfits, there seems to be so far a mixed bag of styles. For example, Carrie’s voluminous polka-dot skirt by Carolina Herrera or Charlotte’s Emilia Wickstead shirt dress and Miranda’s matching silk tie-dye blouse and skirt by Gerald Darel.

Sex and the City Reboot’s fashion moments so far.
James Devaney/GC Images

But there has been no major fashion, draw-dropping moments but rather normal put-together outfits that we have seen daily—a good reminder though that this is only based on what we have seen so far, of course.

Sex and the City Reboot’s fashion moments so far.
Courtesy of HBO Max

On the positive side, super fans of the show have already spotted shout-outs and references to the original show’s most recognized pieces. In one of the photos, Sarah Jessica Parker is seen carrying a purple sequin Fendi Baguette bag, which is considered a cult favourite amongst the iconic pieces the actress had worn on the show. Another throwback is charlotte’s ruffle organza top from Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter 1996 collection; the actress was spotted sporting the famous look onset of the reboot.

If you have felt inspired and want to dress to your best like your favourite stars, check out the outfits below.

Sex and the City Reboot’s fashion moments so far.
MARA HOFFMANImogen off-the-shoulder midi dress
Sex and the City Reboot’s fashion moments so far.
ROKSANDAAndromeda cape-back hammered silk-satin maxi dress

The Sex and the City reboot is set to have a 10 episode special on HBO max, which will air later this year. What better way to celebrate other than rocking out on the streets just like your favourite heroin while sporting some of these amazing looks.

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