The Best of Luxury: Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a part of mankind, and it is used to present class, style, and taste. Gorgio Armani once said that jewelry is more important than outfits, and these pieces have been adorning opulent people since time immemorial. Here we are going to explore some of the best jewelry brands that have crafted some of the exquisite masterpieces that have become eternal.

Lugano Diamonds


The Lugano brand started as a diamond-cutting business in Israel, and in 2005 it was presented in the United States, in California. It established itself as an international, luxury jewelry brand that is exceptional, traditional, warm, and modern.

The collections feature the finest stones, formidable jewelry pieces, and some of the best diamonds money could buy. The whole experience is intertwined with professionalism, top of the notch service, and exceptional service.



The Cartier company is one of the leading jewelry brands in the business, and it was founded in 1847 in Paris. The exceptional pieces made by this brand are symbols of craftsmanship and superiority.

Cartier features watches, perfumes, accessories, and unprecedented jewelry pieces. Unlike many other brands on the market, Cartier does not focus on current trends, instead, they create everlasting pieces that remain a mark of elegance, style, and grace.



Bvlgari was founded in 1884, and since then, the company has been known for the striking, prominent, and exceptional rare gems featured in its products. The company manages to coordinate modern designs with timeless elements.

The pieces in every collection define trends and time, and they are made to be modern and eye-catching no matter the time and the era. The recipe for quality is the unique heritage and tradition of brilliance. The daring and sophisticated style is recognizable in all the jewelry designs. The hand-picked stones are the foundation for luminescent designs and it all comes to life by the hands of the master craftsmen.

Harry Winston

Harry Winston is a brand that goes above and beyond to create exceptional pieces that have a unique and astonishing design. All the gemstones are handpicked, and they are studied to reveal the best approach in creating the stunning piece.

The style is based on diamonds and it reflects the well-combined knowledge of the craftsmen, designers, and gemologists. Together, they create marvelous jewelry that reflects the skills and the passion of the brand.

The craftsmen utilize near-invisible platinum settings, and the gemstones are accurately set by hand to achieve the perfect ratio, dimensions, and angles of reflection.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels

The brand is the leading force in combining master craftsmanship, design innovation, and technical excellence. Van Cleef & Arpels looks for inspiration in every-day things and combines them with impeccable luxury.

The brand merges femininity, finesse, and fearless style, and the designs are both timeless and modern, reflecting the current class and curiosity. The collections are ever-changing, unique, and perfectly mastered, proving that the century-old tradition knows how to please everyone’s taste.

Not all jewelry pieces are made for everyone, and these brands exude elegance and extravagance. The collections are made for people with the finest taste, impeccable style, and sophisticated look.

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