The good, the bad and the ugly, Red carpet moments at Hollywood’s biggest night.

Yep you heard it right, the Oscars are back and live! It’s been one year since the last Oscar’s ceremony and things around the planet have changed dramatically, as you know.  All ceremonies were put on hold or were performed virtually. Thankfully nothing could stop the Oscars which gave us the luxury to watch the red carpet fashion unfold live on our televisions.

The Oscars red carpet has been the perfect place to witness some of the most iconic fashion moments and some serious fashion fails. Every red carpet event can symbolize the exact moment of when an outfit choice could become a historic moment in fashion history or a twitter meme. Some of the most memorable fashion moments at the Oscars are Angelina Jolie’s iconic leg moment in the black velvet Atelier Versace gown in 2012 or Lupita Nyong’o’s powder blue Prada dress in 2014. Along with the good, come the ugly with some memorable fashion mishaps such as Lady Gaga’s 2015 red “oven” gloves which caused a storm of memes throughout the globe. Luckily this year was no different; the red carpet was filled with celebrities eager to get glammed up and showcase their looks after having to wear pajama’s every day for the past year.

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Let’s get started!

One of the most breath taking looks of the evening featuring the amazingly talented Carey Mulligan. The ‘Promising Young Women’ actress shinned on the red carpet in a gold Valentino Haute Couture 2 piece dress and Cartier jewelry, resembling an Oscar statue.

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Every celebrity has experienced a fashion fail at least once in their careers and sadly this years Oscar’s was one of them for Laura Dern. The star wore wearing a perplexed Oscar de la Renta dress, which began as a simple black long sleeved mockneck, and escalated to an asymmetrical feathered skirt which looked like it could be a tribute to Björk’s ‘swan dress’ from the 2001 Academy Awards.

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It looks like Glenn Close decided to join Laura Dern on the fashion mishaps list. The iconic actresses donned a long electric blue tunic with crystals and paired it with dark blue silk trousers, along with evening gloves. Not sure what her stylist was thinking when making such a risky outfit combo.

On a happier note the evening continued with a stunning appearance by the beautiful Amanda Seyfried who lit fire to the red carpet with her plunging Red Armani Gown which was inspired by Old Hollywood Glamour.

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There were also some recorded breaking fashion appearances with Regina King who wore a custom Louis Vuitton dress designed by Nicolas Ghesquière and broke all records as it was covered with the most Swarovski crystals the brand has ever used within a single garment.

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Equally dazzling was Zendaya who along with a stunning custom made Valentino dress with fluorescent yellow silk-chiffon, accessorized with more than $6 million worth of Bulgari gems.

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We could all see how much the celebrities were in need of a fancy night out and oh how much we’ve missed gossiping about red carpet fashion moments .It was wonderful to see the red carpet light up again and we could all enjoy a night of normalcy in these very weird times. Here’s to many more good, bad and ugly red carpet moments.

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