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Tiffany & Co. – from classic to cutting edge

Tiffany & Co. – from classic to cutting edge

Tiffany & Co. – from classic to cutting edge

Tiffany blue boxes are world-renowned. Crowned with a white ribbon, this is the one thing you can not buy for any sum but can only be given. And nestled inside, a piece of Tiffany’s heritage of elegance, exclusivity and flawless craftsmanship.

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Tiffany glamour has enchanted the world. From the 1961 Hollywood classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn personified Tiffany style to first ladies, superstars and groundbreakers.

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Tiffany jewellery is seen as the ultimate fashion accessory, exuding sophistication and gracing red carpets around the globe. It’s a favourite celebrity adornment, offering iconic, well-known collections as well as one-off pieces. And it is these one-offs that appear in the much anticipated annual Tiffany Blue Book.

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Jessica Biel wears the Whispers of the Rainforest necklace from Tiffany’s 2017 Blue Book to the Oscars

First published in 1845, the Tiffany Blue Book now features some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful jewels. This year, it celebrates the Art of the Wild, featuring pieces inspired by the two edges of nature.

“The wild has two edges—one of merciless force and one of magical healing. It will beat the earth down with a rainstorm and then gracefully brush the sky with a rainbow. What is veiled as chaos is, in reality, the magnificent order of the universe.”

The collection is composed of six themes whose designs and inspiration are drawn from experiencing the wonders of the wild. We’ve picked a few of our favourite pieces for you to marvel at…

Whispers of the rainforest necklace – Capturing the rustling and restless nature of the rainforest, a delicate pave diamond-stitched collar connects over 350 hand-sculpted golden fronds, some set with dazzling diamonds. They almost appear to whisper as they move.

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Whispers of the Rainforest

Leaves of the sun earrings – Vibrant frond shaped earrings in platinum, set with beautiful diamonds for a dramatic yet delicate statement. These create drama and capture the notion of rebirth as leaves constantly reach to the sun for life.

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Leaves of the Sun

Feathered cloak brooches – These beautifully striking 18k gold birds are brought to life with gemstones that mimic the movement and colours of gorgeous feathers—the pieces curve to highlight the natural inspiration and bring to life these exotic creatures.

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Feathered Cloak

Feathered cloak necklace – over 3000 mixed-cut diamonds totalling over 100 carats flow from strands in this breathtaking platinum necklace. The lack of pattern in the strands mimics the dramatic beauty of a waterfall, its constant motion and powerful force.

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Feathered Cloak

Miracle Berry necklace – A gorgeous creation, two vibrant Melo pearls of over 100 carats are surrounded by pave diamond beads and platinum and diamond fronds. Inspired by a berry that makes sour taste sweet, this pendant is a tempting sight to behold.

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Leaves of the sun ring – An exceptionally rare Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond sits at the centre of this exquisite ring. Encircled by diamond palm fronds, it is reminiscent of the very first diamond bought by Mr Tiffany himself.

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Leaves of the Sun

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow necklace – Inspired by a flower that changes colour each day for three days, this beautiful design mimics the transformation from purple to white with an ombre of pink gemstones. From pink sapphires to diamonds, the shifting colours are mesmerising.

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In addition to their annual Blue Book, Tiffany are famous for introducing engagement rings as we know them today. Their celebrated six-prong Tiffany Setting proudly lifts the diamond above the band, showcasing the beautiful, sparkling gem. Tiffany offers their own unique, exclusive styles, representing over a century of rings, available only at Tiffany. Over a lifetime, a woman looks at her engagement ring one million times, so it’s got to be beautiful. And Tiffany always gets it right.

Discover more from the world of Tiffany on their website – browse their beautiful jewellery for hours – then make a little shopping list for your partner…!

Images:, except Jessica Biel & Audrey Hepburn images.

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