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Timeless 90s outfits making a comeback!

Timeless 90s outfits making a comeback!

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For this year Chanel’s spring/summer 2022 show, the entire collection was a tribute to the late 80s and early 90s catwalk shows. Virginie Viard, the creative director, took inspiration from those eras and captured the essence and aesthetic of the 90s catwalk shows with models twirling and even smiling during the show.

Virginie explained, “I used to love the sound of flashbulbs going off at the shows in the ’80s, I wanted to capture that emotion”, and she very well did. The entire collection paid homage to the 90’s Chanel runway looks along with the decorations and aesthetic which were identical to previous Chanel runways in the 90s.

Timeless 90s outfits making a comeback!
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Investing in such timeless attires will stand the test of time and will never go out of style. It is very clear how much the 90s have influenced today’s fashion in many ways, on and off the runway. The 90s era is praised for its effortless glamour along with some of fashion’s most memorable and iconic moments. Now that designers are opting for a less fussy and classy approach to fashion, it’s the best time to recreate the 90s look by adding some timeless classics to your wardrobe.

The 90s fashion trends consisted of pastel-coloured suits, and midriff-baring crop tops, along with the classic candy pink handbags that could fit only the most important items. Tweed jackets and the iconic flap bags made their annual appearance on the runway, proving the timelessness of the Chanel collection.  Chunky footwear and leathered boots serve as the absolute punk-chic look that is still seen on the runway today.

During the 90s, major style icons created huge trends that are still worn today, one of those trendsetters in none other than the lovely Princess Diana, who made oversized puffer coats and jumpers become must-have items in our closets and of course the bold biker shorts, which would not be seen worn by anyone before Princess Diana decided to rock them on her way to the gym. Another timeless trendsetting item that one must have in their closet is a collared cardigan, which was rocked by 90s icon Gwyneth Paltrow.

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As stated above, the 90s style is a must-have and we are here to give you some fashion inspirational pieces for you to add to your closet and rock the streets in an effortlessly chic style.

The 90s have always had a place in our hearts, from its outstanding movie list to the most trendy style icons in fashion history, now the 90s era has cemented its place in our wardrobes. With these outfits, you will not only stay in style but will rock the streets as if it’s your own runway show.

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