Togo’s International Fashion Festival

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In 2021 most fashion shows are held digitally because of the coronavirus pandemic. Organizing a festival is already difficult as is. When there are budget cuts because of the travel restrictions and when models and designers cannot be present, things can get even more difficult. Nevertheless, shows and festivals continue to set trends, and Togo’s annual International Fashion Festival is one of the biggest happenings in the world every year.

The founder of this show, Jacques Logoh, showed off his devotion and integrity, and at the end of February, we witnessed some of the biggest brands showing their newest creations. More than 30 stylists from across West Africa gathered in the Togolese capital between the 18th and 21st of February to present their newest lines.

Superior style and high couture

Even though it is challenged, the rise of African creators continues to set new trends and dominate the runways. Even though African creators are still not as respected and as featured as designers from other parts of the world, each year, at this International Fashion Festival, they show off their work, and they never disappoint.

The fashion industry is still evolving, and there is room for improvement. Félicien Casterman, a fashion designer, talked about the industry and how it is reflected worldwide, as well as in Africa.

“Today in Europe, in Asia, ready-to-wear clothing has taken over because they have adequate machines that are needed to be able to produce thousands of outfits a day. In Africa, on the other hand, it’s hard for us to do.”

One of the best-established Beninese stylists, Miguel Toffohossou, presented his work in this fashion show. The creator uses his brilliance to present ready-to-wear clothing that is made in Africa.

For this show, Miguel Toffohossou shared his thoughts:

“Fashion today is a crossroads. A crossroads of exchanges where we speak in unison. Everyone must find themselves within the creativity, the message, the culture, the identity of everything we develop. We have to be able to work on this on a strict enough basis so that the finishing touches are there for the consumer to find their way and the data is well studied.”

Impeccable quality and organization

The standard for this show was set right from the beginning, 8 years ago, when the International Fashion Festival was first promoted.

Since then, this show features organization and quality that could go hand in hand with some of the best and biggest festivals in the world. Everything is set to exceed the highest standards of the founder and creator of the show, starting from the ambience up to the handpicked music and the whole look of the catwalk.

For this year’s show, Jacques Logoh stayed optimistic and organised a festival that followed all the rules around the coronavirus pandemic. Logoh added:

“Today we see fashion designers, young emerging designers who are now becoming confirmed designers through their talents, through what they do every year. And I am proud to say that Africa is full of talent. And we need the support of businesses, the government, the Ministry of Culture”.

The luxury designers featured in this show are expected to start bigger recognition, and this festival is hoping to end the stigma around African creators and their abilities. Even though this is just one small step, it is still a step in the right direction.

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