Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022
Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022 - 5 Star Luxury Life

Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022

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Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022: Summer is the perfect season to experience a luxury cruise vacation. From family cruises during school breaks to a romantic honeymoon for two. There is no doubt that summer vacations are made to build memories and go on adventures, especially when there is a cruise ship involved!. Have you thought about which location you wish you visit? Have no fear!

We have found the top cruise locations that will keep you entertained and thrilled. There are a variety of beautiful locations that you could choose to visit. Whether it’s strolling through the fascinating archaeological sites of Italy or laying back and enjoying the stunning sunsets in Greece. Here is our top list of destinations that will make this summer one you’ll never forget.


Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022
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Singapore is one of the world’s smallest countries in the world and is made up of one main island and over 60 smaller ones off the coast of the Malay Peninsula.

The city is home to the island of Pulau Ubin, where diverse habitats and a variety of wildlife can be explored and has a 6.2-mile stretch of green open spaces that span the hills of Singapore’s most popular parks and gardens.

The island also has 5-star wellness treatments and massage centres, for you to relax after your fun-filled days.

You can’t go wrong choosing Singapore as your cruise destination.


Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022
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Greece and particularly its islands are especially attractive this summer. Two of the most popular islands and locations that are considered some of the most beautiful places to visit are Santorini and Mykonos, while Crete, the largest Greek island, can be paired with either. Some of the most stunning Greek beaches are located in Zakynthos, while the Peloponnese Peninsula is famous for its ancient ruins and for its famous wine!   


Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022
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France always offers a wide variety of attractions and adventures. Whether you want to visit the city of lights and take a photo next to the Eiffel Tower (yes, it’s a common thing) or try some of their excellent wine tastings or you could always go on a cruise past the south of France and enjoy some of France’s most grand locations. There are tons of things to do and see in this beautiful country, right in the heart of Europe.

The Caribbean

Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022
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You can’t make a list of great summer cruise spots without mentioning the Caribbean. It’s one of the greatest summer vacation spots. You can have some fun under the sun at one of their many beautiful beaches for a very low commitment in terms of time and money. The Caribbean is a mix of modern-day life on untouched land. It will certainly fill you and your loved ones up with new stories to tell and go on an unforgettable adventure.


Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022
Top cruise destinations for Summer 2022 – 5 Star Luxury Life

Alaskan cruises are highly spoken of and there’s a good reason for that. Alaskan itineraries offer really unique adventures while still being affordable for the general cruising public. Alaska also has something that will appeal to every explorer. Whether you’re into nature, or looking for a relaxing trip and explore the cute towns around the area.

There are a variety of packages with stunning and breath-taking locations for you to visit. Don’t waste any more time and begin making memories and exploring our beautiful planet!

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