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Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.

Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.

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The world has entered the “post” covid era, and things are seemingly looking positive. No more lockdowns, vaccines are available and most countries are ending all their covid restrictions and entry requirements altogether, which makes it the absolute greatest time to go on a fabulous holiday! Now you may be wondering where you should go, well you’ve come to the right place!

We have searched far and wide and found a variety of suggestions depending on your idea of the perfect post covid era vacation. Whether all you want is a day at the beach, to hike through the woods, or to simply take a romantic stroll down the vibrant streets of a 19th-century town.

Exploring the world is a privilege, from historic cities to remote islands and luxury resorts, here is the list of the best destinations to visit in 2022. 


Top travel destinations 2022 edition.
Photo by Alex Vasey on Unsplash

Since the pandemic hit a few years ago, Jordan’s spectacular, widely known ancient city of Petra (which was also where Indiana Jones, the third instalment was filmed) was in danger as the huge amounts of tourists threatened its delicate structures. After the past 2 years left the area without any visitors, Petra is not open and ready to greet all the tourists it can have. Be one of the lucky people to explore this hidden gem before it gets packed with guests.

Jordan is filled with breath-taking archaeological treasures, some of which have to be visited, like the ruins of Jerash and Umm Qais. Take in the warm hospitality of the locals and become one with the middle east through its unique food, wonderful weather and embrace the local culture.


Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.
Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition. – 5 Star Luxury Life

Finland is known throughout the globe as being one of the most nature-driven countries in Europe, which is also why it is often considered the happiest place in the world, and there is no doubt as to why, as just a glimpse of the beautiful landscapes and cities bring a cheerful feeling to all tourists who visit. One of the most popular cities, that is famous for their stunning landscapes is the lakeside city of Lahti.

The city is just 100 kilometres northeast of Helsinki and this breathtaking destination is green in every sense.  Lahti is Finland’s eighth-largest city and is filled with beautiful forests and glorious parks, along with incredible hiking trails and lookout points to view the entire city from mountain points.

Lahti has also been a leading example in the way they treat environmental innovations, as they became the first city in Finnland to stop using coal as a resource of fuel and offer its citizens free transport tickets and other awards for being eco-friendly.


Top travel destinations 2022 edition.
Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

Naples is one of Italy’s most famous destinations to visit and it surely lives up to its reputation. It is also the birthplace of two of Italy’s finest creations, Pizza and Sophia Loren. It is well known for its ancient ruins that lie beneath modern suburbs. Naples is a hot spot for thousands of tourists and is booming with lavish restaurants, glamorous hotels and all the landscapes and breath-taking nature one could see. The entire city is filled with rich Italian history and traditional cuisines that will richen your taste buds.

The areas that were previously not allowed to be visited by tourists are finally open to being seen, such as the Sanità district, where visitors are running to visit its ancient catacombs and see the neighbourhood of the brilliant artist, Paolo La Motta, whose work Is on display for everyone to enjoy.


Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.
Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition. – 5 Star Luxury Life

Travelling to one of the worlds most popular destinations is much more than a simple holiday, it is a life-changing experience. Ollantaytambo is a well-preserved town that is on the route to the widely known, Machu Picchu, which is in Peru’s Sacred Valley and has recently been named one of the UNWTO’s “Best Tourism Villages.”

There’s a variety of spectacular things to see, such as the Inca fortress and temple which is dated back to the 15th century, which became the site of a rare defeat of Spanish conquistadores, the Inca storehouses of Pinkuylluna overlooking Ollantaytambo and a nearby Inca quarry that gave rise to engineering marvels.

With high mountains and hike trails, you are bound to have a healthy and adventurous trip, overlooking the ancient cities and taking in the wonderful culture of Peru.


Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.
Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition. – 5 Star Luxury Life

Barbados is one of the most exotic destinations, bring the warm sun to your winters travel list

We’ve got our eyes on the sun, sea and white sand of this Caribbean idyll for early and late 2022. Stay at one of the many 5 star hotels and spend your day walking through the amazing forests, lying down on the soft white sand and enjoying your evenings watching one of the most spectacular sunsets of your life.

It’s the hottest place to experience indulgent dining, top-notch pampering and a variety of hot spots to visit.


Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.
Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition. – 5 Star Luxury Life

If you are ready to go on a fantastic journey then Penang is the place to visit, as it also ranks up there with Asia’s best.

This Malaysian island is right in the heart of the Andaman Sea and offers a wide mix of traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes. Enjoy one of their fabulous and traditional dishes at one of the stunning and famous 5-star hotels. Most of the resorts are a few minutes walk away from the city centre and shops throughout Penang’s capital. George Town is filled with historic buildings, from old English mansions to classical Chinese shophouses and Islamic mosques.

There are so much more things to indulge in than just food and architecture In September 2021, the popular Penang Hill was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The island is filled with magical hikes that lead to the lovely botanical gardens, which were created in 1884 and include more than 200 species of orchids.


Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.
Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition. – 5 Star Luxury Life

While many destinations have their unique touch and essence, nothing touches the purity and nature of South Africa.

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There are thousands of things that make it special,  from its breath-taking beaches to its famously known safaris, where you and your loved ones will have the opportunity of a lifetime to explore natural wildlife first hand and even make friends with a tiger or two. There are outstanding wineries or for a more adventurous option, you could go whale spotting or hiking. There are plenty of unexplored gems to experience if it does get busy: beach city Gqeberha, the Drakensberg mountains in KwaZulu-Natal, the scenic Panorama and Garden Route driving trails.


Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.
Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition. – 5 Star Luxury Life

Stay in Europe and visit the beautiful city of the Netherlands, Almere. It is famously known for its spectacular Floriade floral takes place.  The Floriade floral experience is held once every 10 years, at goes for six months from April to October and brings an array of unique and fascinating exhibitions to Almere (which is very close to Amsterdam).

The Netherlands takes great responsibility in creating an eco-friendly country with a sustainable city where you can expect to see wonderfully rich gardens, bike rides around the city and amazing vegan restaurants. You won’t regret visiting this outstanding city and creating lovely memories with your loved ones.


Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.
Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition. – 5 Star Luxury Life

It’s Spain’s third-largest city in the south along Spain’s southeastern coastline to the port city of Valencia. Its population is around 800,000 and is wildly known as the city of Arts and Sciences. There is a fantastic and futuristic planetarium which was designed by Valencian architect, Santiago Calatrava, you could also visit the first-class science museum and or Europe’s largest aquarium. From there, you can cycle or stroll across the whole of Valencia through the nine-kilometre-long to Turia Garden, which was built on the former Turia River.

Valencia is the birthplace of paella, and you can find the iconic Spanish dish everywhere. For fine dining, local chefs and luxury restaurants are all around Valencia with award-winning dinners.

Finally, if you visit in March, you’ll get the chance to experience the annual Las Fallas Festival which is a five-day street party that involves fireworks and the burning of wooden and cardboard sculptures.


Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition.
Top Travel Destinations 2022 Edition. – 5 Star Luxury Life

2022 is a big year for Egypt as the country will mark 100 years of its independence and historians will also celebrate the  100 years since the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Another big celebration and event for the historic country are the long-awaited Grand Egyptian Museum will also open its doors by the end of the year.

If you’ve always wanted to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt, 2022 is the year. The celebrations will attract thousands of tourists who will visit the countries monuments and of course, the ancient Pyramids who have amazed the world for centuries now with their charm and beauty.

It is the best time to create new memories and go on fabulous adventures whilst exploring planet earth at its finest.

Comment below on your favourite holiday destinations.

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