Rrd – Roberto Ricci Design Velvet Neo Parka Wom Jkt Coat




RRD – ROBERTO RICCI DESIGNS parka is a line that takes us back to the 60s, with this classic straight-fit parka that has a contemporary and technological soul. The velvety appearance and the ultra-soft touch of the Stratofabric #3 membrane fabric, with its great comfort, reveal a pleasant yet unexpected vintage allure, with delicate shades. The large black buttons close the front, while the enveloping hood skillfully hides the full-length zipper with elegant finesse. The side pockets in the seam complete the garment with an additional touch of style. The heart-shaped tag ‘made with love, designed in Tuscany’ on the inside testifies to our love for design and attention to detail. Composition: 100% Pa


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